Dog Walking

£9 for 1 dog per household
£6 for 2nd Dog
£5 for 1 dog per household
£3 for 2nd dog
Any walk not required will be charged at £2.50

Time spent with your dog(s) should from the moment I arrive to the point of departure. If for any reason your dog(s) cannot be walked with others please let me know in advance.

Christmas & Boxing Day/1st & 2nd January - Double Time
(Subject to availability)

Please accept that due to circumstances beyond my control i.e. poorly/injured pet at an earlier call, weather or traffic, I may have to shorten the time spent with your dog(s).

All dogs maybe exercised off the lead with written consent from the owner.

Prices may vary according to individual dog/client requirements.


Keys for your property can be retained for pet sitting or dog walking.
Normally with dog walking it is essential to have a key retained as the reason I am walking your dog is because you are not available to do so.
Please remember it could always be helpful for me to have a key especially if an emergency situation arose as I would only be a telephone call away to assist you.

Addresses and keys are always kept separate at all times.


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